Some more things from Scotland! #4

Hello world,

Today was sunny which is unusual for Glasgow. Think I even got a little tan too! Today I learned that there is one company who runs most of the gift shops in Glasgow and none of them have teal kilts (aka tartans) that are less that 80 quid (aka pounds). Also, another important note, deep fried Mars bars are insane. It is one of Glasgow’s delicacies, along with the Blue Lagoon fish and chips (aka fries). Last weekend, or maybe 2 ago, I was walking around the city center and got caught in the middle of an Orange Order parade. They are an anti-Catholic, pro-Protestant fraternal organization. They don’t have violent marches or anything, just marching around with banners and drums and such. Interesting. Anyway that’s all for now.


Cheers (aka see ya later)

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