Starting my Internship at MUFI! #1

My tomatoes:)

I just started my internship with the Michigan Urban Farming Initiative (MUFI), which is a completely volunteer-based “agrihood” located in the north end of Detroit. With over 300 different crops on the farm, MUFI holds a market every Saturday in which people can come take as much produce as they want for free! I was originally drawn to this opportunity because of my interest in public health. Growing up, I have witnessed first hand the lack of healthy, affordable food options available for the people in urban neighborhoods. As a future public health professional, I hope to use my platform to ensure the voices of people in urban communities are heard so that they are given access to the same healthy lifestyle choices as suburban communities. I was specifically interested in MUFI because it is in Detroit, it is the country’s first urban “agrihood,” and they are constantly expanding their community involvement such as creating a space for interns to live, a community kitchen, and a sensory garden for children. While I have experience with planting a few flowers in front of my house every spring, I have never worked in an actual garden! The garden is absolutely beautiful to look at and there are just rows and rows of different crops.On my very first day, I found myself pushing wheelbarrows of compost, planting tomatoes, and even leading/teaching volunteers that day on their tasks! One of the most exciting parts thus far is the opportunity to meet and work with so many different people. One thing that I didn’t consider before starting this opportunity is how cool it is to watch what you planted grow more and more as each day passes by! I can’t wait to see what this opportunity brings me moving forward.

First time at Market Day


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