The Intern Saves The Day!

Hey All!

My name is Ken, and I am interning at the D&R Marketing Agency. The marketing agency is newer, being founded less than a year ago in Detroit, MI. Over the course of my internship, I have shared my experiences with the Human Resources Department for managing High School interns, with Client Managers at Networking Events, and in the Account Managers helping design marketing products for clients.

Since my last post, a lot has happened! First and foremost, I am now working with the Founder’s office. I am a “Floating Intern” for his team but, I have been doing some amazing work which has increased client acquisition methods and saved the company money. Also, I have been tagging along to even more networking events including more meetings with the Detroit Regional Chamber, the State of Michigan, Better Detroit Youth Movement, and more!

Having these opportunities have allowed me to gain even more exposure to soft skills needed in the world class work force including interviewing, networking, communication, presentation, and sales pitching.


So at this time, you’re probably wondering, how I saved the day! Well, it all starts with the image below!


This above image is called a Banner Ad! Banner Ads are shown if you go to a website that has adware embedded into. Before my internship, many of the banner ad’s lacked a personal presence. Many of the banner ads were just text, on a white background. The reason for this was, many of the marketing professionals who work at the agency are concerned about their clients more than the agency’s internal marketing strategy.

This was the first task I was given once I transitioned into the Office of the Founder. After brain storming some ideas with some fellow team members, I drafted a banner ad. The drafted is pictured below:

As you see, it has a similar theme as the finalized banner ad but, after image testing with some individuals outside of the office I made the finished product. This is the first banner ad with a personal presence since the organization was founded. Which is how I saved the day!


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