The (Networking) Capital of America | Blog 2

Over the first month of my internship, I have come to realize that most of politics boils down to a single concept: networking. Washington D.C. is enamored with the concept of networking. Almost anything and everything revolves around who knows who and who worked on who’s campaign, etcetera. I am neither saying that this is a drawback nor a benefit to the culture in this city, it simply is what it is. Thus, a lot of my internship so far has involved frequently attending events around D.C. and enhancing my network skills. Networking can involve a great deal of different things, from reaching out to Michigan graduates working on Capitol Hill for coffee chats, to attending organized Michigan Public Service Intern Program (PSIP) events, to sitting at different committee hearings and chatting with those seated around you.

So far I’ve decided that while networking is an exhausting and sometimes repetitive activity, it has the potential to be very rewarding in the political field and I am thankful that my internship has allowed me to hone this skill this summer. As the summer progresses, I look forward to growing my D.C. network, and meeting the wide variety of political actors that my internship exposes me to. I am confident that the networking I am doing this summer, and will continue to use as I pursue a career this upcoming school-year, will be extremely useful to me in my future endeavors.

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