The People The People | #9

Being in the hospitality industry you see a constant stream of people in and out. I’ve had the opportunity to meet a lot of interesting people that I never would have if I wouldn’t have been in this exact place at this exact time. This past weekend was especially exciting because we had a lot of people visit for Moriumius’ 2nd anniversary. The president of Patagonia Japan (the main sponsor of Moriumius) stopped by to screen new Patagonia documentaries about places where they also donate too. In addition, we had a master of Indian spices stay with us and he did a program with the kids about how to make curry (the most delicious program to date). Over the course of my stay we’ve also hosted many government workers, Google employees, Japan Society members, and even groups from America. It has been such a wonderful experience to meet all of these people who gladly share their knowledge and passion. I’ve even gotten a few business cards!

Google volunteers
Spice expert in the white apron










However some of my favorite people who stay with us are the kids. This past weekend I was the sub leader for the kids’ program so I was able to spend a lot of time with them. They had a really fun lineup of activities – farming, going out with a fisherman, making curry, exploring a river – which I found to be a nice break from the everyday activities like cleaning and more cleaning. It’s very hard to not be excited when working with the kids because they produce such an enormous amount of energy and a pure happiness that as an adult you sometimes forget about. Because I don’t speak Japanese very well, I’m always just smiling at them which is already making me feel better in and of itself ~ smile therapy! I cannot describe well enough the feeling when, although I cannot speak to the kids fluently, they genuinely seem to like me despite this barrier. Before they left I was almost moved to tears because the kids made me the sweetest thank you gifts! These types of things and these memories will always be better than any souvenir knickknack at any random gift shop.


“Thank you JJ. I’m happy that I was bale to talk with you!”
Me and the kids and their veggies











I am so thankful for having the opportunity to meet all of these wonderful people. Connecting with one new person connects us more deeply to the rest of the world.

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