The Smell of Baking Bread | Blog Post #1

Every day I walk into the lab, I am greeted with the smell of fresh baked bread.  No, none of my lab-mates moonlight as bakers.  We work with yeast.  Specifically, my research lab studies autophagy in yeast.  Autophagy (self-eating) is a process that involves the degradation and recycling of cellular materials.  Autophagy is a normal regulatory process.  It is also a survival process, increasing when resources are scarce.  It is thought to play a role in a number of diseases-from cancer to Alzheimer’s.  The Klionsky Lab is a part of the Life Sciences Institute-right here at the University of Michigan.  I know that I want to pursue a PhD in Biochemistry, so when I found the Klionsky lab, I was immediately interested in the research being done.  Their biochemistry-based research, combined with the welcoming culture of the group immediately made me want to join the lab.  I am looking forward to learning many new scientific techniques, getting to know my lab-mates, and contributing valuable new data to the project!

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