Through the Lens of My Daily Shanghai Life | #3

Typically, I go to Pudong Avenue Subway Station to take the subway to get to work. However, I go to Yuanshen Stadium Subway Station when I leave my apartment complex later than usual. All subway stations are packed during 7:30 – 9:00 AM as everyone is trying to get to work. So, there is a much better chance of getting on the subway when you go to a bigger subway station (like Pudong Avenue Subway Station). Yuanshen Stadium Subway Station, however, is much smaller comparatively, but closer to where I live.

Yuanshen Stadium Subway Station
Pudong Avenue Subway Station

I start my day with an approximate 15-minute walk to the subway station. I then take the subway and have to transfer to line 2 to get to work. It takes about 45 – 60 minutes, depending on traffic and how long I have to wait to get on the subway train. When I arrive, I take exit 4 and walk to my workplace, which takes another 10-15 minutes. I take a bike when they are available.

Walking to my workplace
MoBike’s bikes available to the public

For work on campus at the University of Michigan, the location was walking distance from where I lived. Back home, I had an internship at a civil engineering firm, which I had a car that I drove to work every day after school. In Shanghai, it is much faster and more convenient to take the subway than taking your own car. This is my first time using the subway as my main mode of transportation to work. Also, I am really thankful for the vast number of bikes readily available for the public to use at an extremely low price of less than a couple cents for 30 minutes. Most of the times they are free to ride!

SOHO – Walking towards the entrance of my company building
1:00 PM – NAP TIME

I believe that the Chinese culture and lifestyle play major roles in shaping the work environment and business dynamic at my workplace. Although the design of SOHO, where my company is located, is very modern and chic, nature is extensively incorporated in its sphere of beauty.

Although Shanghai is considered to be an international city filled with European and western influence, there is so much history and Chinese culture that is not easily buried within it. I am glad I got to work for a company focused on China’s domestic market. Even though they are releasing their first international product, I think I got more out from this internship from the experience provided that it was almost an all Chinese-speaking company. Most of the interns that I know here in Shanghai only came here to work for a company, knowing no Chinese at all.

Shanghai Night View from my apartment complex
Small, quaint cafe in Shanghai









Also, what is different is that AiWei is the smallest company/organization I ever worked for. This also provides me with new perspectives and I think it is great that I am able to personally see and get to know everyone that is in this company. I am thinking about taking extracurricular classes on the weekend here in Shanghai to immerse myself deeper within Chinese culture and learn from their lifestyles. I still have to do some research into that though!

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  • July 24, 2017 at 7:23 pm

    The subway looks pretty crowded, but convenient! I really appreciate you taking the time to analyze different aspects of the culture, lifestyles, and working environment. These insights will help you get a good sense of the kinds of organizations you may want to work for in the future.


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