Tri-Internship Summer | #1

Figuring out what I wanted to do this summer in regards to experience in the field of law and government was rather difficult. After going through numerous interview processes and having nothing go the way in which I wanted, I was lost as to where I would be and what I would be doing. As the school year began to come to a close, it became a waiting game as to who would respond, and when. Luckily, within the span of about two weeks, three individuals reached out to me in hopes that I was still available for an internship this summer. This began the incredible adventure and opportunity to intern and observe three inspiring individuals in my home community and in the state of Michigan.

One is probably asking, how does a person intern in three separate places? Well, all three opportunities are part-time and I split my time evenly between each position, depending on what is occurring each week. This will make more sense when I get into each opportunity.

The first internship I received was with State Representative Peter J. Lucido. Representative Lucido is the representative of Michigan’s 36th District, which covers the majority of Shelby Township, and all of the townships of Washington, Bruce, and the Village of Romeo. This internship takes place in Lansing, Michigan where I work in Lucido’s office across the street from the Capitol Building. Since the House is in recess from July to September, I spent the majority of my time in Lansing throughout May and June before taking on more responsibilities to my other two internships. This internship involves working hand and hand with the Representative and his Legislative Director, and being able to observe him in committee hearings, constituent meetings and events, and even on the House Floor. When not doing that, I am doing clerical work such as answering phones, writing letters to constituents, reading legislation, and taking care of other necessary tasks. In addition, Representative Lucido recently announced his campaign for State Senator in 2018, which has given me additional responsibilities focused on the preparation for next year.

Due to the House not being in session all summer, I wanted to make sure that I had another opportunity available, which I never thought would lead into two. Shortly after meeting with Lucido, I met with the Honorable Kathryn George, Macomb County Probate Court Judge, who offered me an internship at the Probate Court. Due to her having a law student intern already, I was assigned to the newly appointed Macomb County Probate Court Judge, the Honorable Sandra A. Harrison. This opportunity has been given me the chance to read petitions and motions from attorneys and citizens, study them, and then see how they are argued for and decided in the court room. It has been challenging since I am not a law student, but it has been so informative and has given me a sense as to what the world of law is like. In addition to reading and watching court cases, I will be assisting the Judge’s clerk, the court attorneys, and the courts consultants. In this part of my role, I go through files to organize them for upcoming hearings, enter information on the computer as attorneys send the court changes, and compose memos.

The third and final experience I was grateful to receive is similar to my internship at the Probate Court, but with the Honorable Kathryn A. Viviano at the Macomb County Circuit Court. My title at the circuit court is Judicial Law Clerk Intern. My role includes reading and discussing motions, briefs, and court procedure with the Judge, as well as observing and taking notes on things that are done and said in the court room. I also have the opportunity to work with the court’s research attorneys and will begin practicing to write opinions on court rulings, something that will be extremely beneficial for me to practice before entering law school.

In the beginning of the summer, I was working mainly with Representative Lucido as the House was in session. However, my current schedule is about one day a week with Representative, about 2-3 days a week with Judge Harrison, and about 2-3 days a week with Judge Viviano. It has been crazy figuring out a schedule that works, but luckily all parties are very flexible and want me to be at the internship where I will get the most experience on a particular day.

I am excited about my summer and my “Trip-Internship” opportunity. I have already learned so much in the field of law and government, and I know it is where I am supposed to be.

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