Truck Driver Interview

When I thought about who I might have wanted to interview, I wanted to use someone that I hadn’t spent too much time with. So I decided to use a truck driver for my interviewee. I did it by phone since he was on the road. As a marketing intern I started asking him about ways to get CoVar’s name on the map more, how he thinks we could expand our marketing. What I realized by asking this is that with this not being a crazy, flashy industry, in your face marketing wouldn’t really work. Instead, these drivers meet and talk to so many people at their stops each and every day and one thing that goes a long way is a good gesture, like a hat to a customer or a shirt. So I put that on the list to mention to my boss.

Lastly, I really wanted to just pick this guys brain about life as a truck driver. They are the guys really behind the scenes that make the company go. They aren’t in the office making the calls for loads, but they are the ones handling the every day movement of tons (literally) of material on the road. So getting to here what this guy had to say about his lifestyle and his job was something that I thought I could appreciate.

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