UCLA Applied Math REU – Midterm Presentations | Blog Post #2

The students from each of the 8 applied math groups were required to give a 15 minute presentation on our respective research work in front of the program directors and all other participants. We made a 26-page PowerPoint presentation on Fungal Growth and Evolution, different ways of image processing – template matching, principal component analysis, and using two-dimensional Laplacian filters to find images of optimal focus. We also discussed about different techniques of thresholding images and segmenting them to separate noise from fungal network. Different methods of obtaining quantitative morphological measures were discussed: one of which is skeletonization – the process of converting a region of networks to outlines only. I would love to share the slides here, but the university has forbidden any such online publication as we have referred to other scientists’ works. Therefore this information will remain confidential. The midterm presentations took place in a large room of the Mathematical Sciences Building, and after its conclusion we broke for lunch. We discussed our goals for the remaining four weeks and planning ahead as to what the final presentations would look like. During the weekend, I had visited Griffith Observatory and Park in Downtown Los Angeles. I also got to see the Wallflowers street-perform for free at the park near by. During the weekend, I spent some time swimming at the Santa Monica Swim Center and the Westwood Community Recreation Center. On Sunday morning, I was absolutely delighted to watch Roger Federer beat Marin Cilic and win his 8th Wimbledon title. Also spent time with my housemates watching the premiere of the seventh season of Game of Thrones and had a small celebration at home. Unfortunately I did not capture much on camera this week, but would definitely give a more visual presentation of my stint at UCLA next week, so stay tuned!

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