Uncommon grounds #3

The company I am working at this summer is an events and public relations company. My background is completely in event planning, so I was not prepared for the public relations side of things. As it has turned out, I have mostly been working with the public relations team, as the summer is a slower time for events.

While there has not been one major obstacle, the uncommon grounds of public relations has been a big challenge for me. There have been certain tasks– very basic, simple tasks for someone with more of a public relations background– that have taken me longer to understand and/or complete. This has a caused a lot of self-doubt and has resulted in me shying away from challenges.

Personally, I like the thrill of a challenge, and the feeling of accomplishment upon completion, and in past internships, I have taken these head on. However, this year I find myself turning to another intern to assist me on certain projects that I could have easily done alone. While, I am still lacking complete confidence, successfully completing different tasks throughout my internship has certainly helped me grow. Upon self-reflection (including even writing this blog post), I have started to realize that I need to focus on what I have done right, and use that momentum to continue challenging myself because otherwise I will not grow. I have also been lucky enough to work at a company that allows for this growth, and has made me comfortable enough to ask people for help when I have needed it.

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