What I Wish I Knew | #1

Over two months into my summer internship, there are many things I wish I knew when I  began in May. I wish I could tell myself not to be so worried, and that everyone in the office is nice and willing to help. I wish I didn’t worry so much about transportation to and from my job. However, my biggest wish is that I knew how acceptable it is to ask questions. When I began working, I was hesitant to ask clarifying questions for fear of coming across as “needy.” Instead, I went to my desk and tried to work out each issue on my own. However, after a few weeks, I realized that my supervisors want me to ask questions. Not only does it show that I am genuinely interested in understanding the problem at hand, but questions also ensure that I do the job correctly. I wish I could tell myself to ask questions because doing so would have made the first few works much easier because the tasks would be clearer and I would have started forming relationships with my coworkers sooner.

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