More Than A Desk Job | #4

One of my favorite parts of my internship is the professional development. Here at Quicken Loans, I’m learning about how to be a working professional in every sense of the word. However, this hasn’t just happened at my desk with the projects I work on and the day to day tasks I am given, but with the amazing workshops and events provided to all interns. Since Quicken Loans is such a huge company, they have entire departments dedicated to helping the interns find their way through their first major internship, mostly through events.


My calendar is filled by these events. Anything from Intern-only vendor festivals to Detroit Tigers games to bus tours of the city, there’s always something fun I am looking forward to. These events really make the large intern base connect and see the city in which they are working. I can’t even count the amount of cool things I have seen on these more relaxed and recreational intern events.


On the other hand, there are even more events determined to help the interns find their footing in the world of corporate America. Events ranging from interview and resume workshops, Linkedin counseling sessions, professional headshot photoshoots, personal finance bootcamps, and more are offered to allow the mostly-college aged intern base to develop their skills to be competitive in the workforce and improve financial literacy.


There are also great events that teach non-concrete skills. I’ve attended workshops on how to be an effective leader, how to communicate with clarity, and how to be a successful entrepreneur. This has been an effective tool for me to look internally and identify my professional weaknesses and work on them in a constructive and positive manner.


I’m excited to use all the skills I’ve learned this summer from these events in my professional life. I feel like the Quicken Loans intern program has given me a leg up in the competitive work force compared to my peers. I know that I now have an advantage to employers because the internship program here has given me the tools to find, maintain, and succeed at a job. I cannot be more grateful to the entire intern experience team here at Quicken Loans.


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