A Walk In The Woods | #7

After more than a month in Wales, I felt I had done everything except explore the country I was based in. Though I had wandered around Cardiff and seen nearby Barry Island, I had also spent an incredible weekend discovering London.


But the time had come to see what sets Wales apart.


With a determined mindset, a fellow intern and I went about planning a day trip to see some of Wales’ storied greenery. Hiking and walking trails were surprisingly difficult to pin down online, but with some luck (and over an hour of research) we found the perfect loop.


Too bad we couldn’t participate!


Our journey started in the town of Chepstow, where we got a history lesson from a local reenactment group. We took in views of the deceptively large Chepstow Castle before setting off.


Our trip included views of the gorgeous River Wye, as well as many encounters with sheep. After all, there are three sheep for every human in Wales!


Tintern Abbey as it stands today


After nearly three hours of walking, we reached our destination: Tintern! We were greeted by the eroded Tintern Abbey, built in 1131. After enjoying a tour from guides in traditional dress, it was time to set off on the long journey back to Chepstow.


We made a feathery friend at lunch on the trail


We took another path on the way back to ensure a varied experience. It was mesmerizing just how much green we were surrounded by – quite the contrast to the modern feel of Cardiff.


Perhaps the best viewpoint of the day, Devil’s Pulpit, with the Abbey in the background


After an incredible walk of nearly 17 miles, we crossed the River Wye back into Chepstow. It was a worthwhile (and necessary) journey through a small piece of this incredible country, and one I won’t soon forget.

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