Blog #3

What has most surprised you about your internship?


Ever heard the saying “you know someone went to Michigan because they will tell you”? Well that’s pretty much what working at T-Mobile is like. Every single employee is so incredibly proud to work for this company and rock the T-Mobile brand. Before coming to TM I knew that their employees bleed magenta (just check twitter), but I was so impressed to see how dedicated everyone is to the company. Everyone here shares a common goal of providing an out of this world mobile experience.

I walk around the office and see people rocking magenta hair and T-Mobile swag everywhere, and genuinely know that these people want to create the ultimate user experience. I truly believe that our commitment to customers, employees, and the company set us apart from our competitors.  I always knew T-Mobile had devoted employees, but I had no idea just how enthusiastic and loyal each person would be.

After meeting with many different people from various departments and positions, I have heard nothing but positive remarks about T-Mobile. Most people have been with the company for 5+ years and explain that they haven’t experienced a company like ours. Even after 2 months I feel so at home and accepted and understand exactly what they are speaking to. Working at such a huge company can leave people feeling like just another employee, but T-Mobile does such a remarkable job at creating not only a great user experience, but an amazing employee experience as well.

I was pleasantly surprised to see every employee speak so highly of T-Mobile and its business practices. I feel lucky to be a part of this company!


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