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I started my internship with the goal of learning R and exploring the field of computer programming. However, after testing the waters I’ve realized my passion lies more in politics than in computers. Instead of learning R, I have worked to learn marketing techniques that I can take with me as I seek a job on the Hill. Communications are extremely important in politics so having the opportunity to develop marketing campaigns or interact with clients will benefit me greatly in the future.

I believe I am doing well in my role as a marketing intern as they have been giving me more tasks to complete solely on my own each week. I have been able to publish pieces I have wrote to the website and send out a weekly company email highlighting client updates. I do acknowledge I need a better understanding of computers or graphic design in order to be more successful in the field of marketing, but for my first take at it I believe I’m doing well.

I hope to take the skills I’ve learned thus far with me and apply them either to working on a campaign in 2018 or working on the Hill for a Congressman. While I no longer picture a future in analytics, I am grateful I’m having the experience to learn these marketing skills through this internship.

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  • July 21, 2017 at 1:45 pm

    Having a sense of what you would not prefer is just as important as having a sense of what you would prefer. It’s great that the skills you’ve been able to develop through this internship will be applicable to your future career aspirations on the Hill!


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