BlogPost #3 – midsummer

Well so far the internship has been going great! It’s a little stressful, what with all the work and the late night meetings – but I know we’re doing good work. At the most recent meetings I had the opportunity to connect with Alum! This was very exciting for me because not only was I practicing my networking skills, but also getting to know some incredible people that are like me. Our projects are going well as well. With things finalized for the Big House program, we all have to think of different projects to work on. I decided I will be rewriting our organizations entire constitution (which has been quite a process) and to work on a program I developed back in the winter semester called Dreams2Reality. So far the work has been good I finished the constitution a week or so ago, and it is currently being reviewed by our leadership team. I imagine that it will take a few more weeks for them to finally decide on how things should be run in the org. With Dreams2Reality, I have come up with a skeleton for the structure and curriculum for the upcoming fall. My next task is creating a budget and securing funding for the program. It shouldn’t be hard with me having already connected to numerous offices on campus. I look forward to making this happen! Here is a picture of my incredible team!

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