HI, Everyone!!

My name is Kortez and this summer I will be interning with the City of Chicago Department of Building(CDOB).  If you are wondering why I choose to intern with the city of CDOB, I am very interested in law and the CDOB had a big project that would do wonders for my resume. This project would consist of me helping the CDOB update their building codes to the universal building codes. I made a few calls and I got the opportunity to participate in this amazing project. A plus being I get to return to Chicago and catch up with my family.

This is an amazing project, but I believe I will engage a few challenges while working for the CDOB. The main one is dealing with privacy issues. Before I started my internship, I must sign a form stating I will not speak about anything I hear in the department of Building. If a scandal happened in the CDOB I will not be able to speak to any newspaper about the scandal. To ensure I don’t get in any trouble, I have decided to avoid asking questions about what people are working on. Instead I’ll ask question about what people do and how they got to the place they were in the CDOB.

All so being on the look out pictures coming soon.

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