Entering the Home Stretch | #4

It’s been a busy week, to say the least!  Annika and I have a presentation on Thursday to compete for one of 5 oral presentation spots at the UROP Summer Symposium in August, so we’ve been prepping our powerpoint and getting organized (as well as keeping our nerves in check!) We’re also almost halfway through with transcribing the first dataset, which is a relief since our symposium abstract is due this Friday (!!!) and we still need to analyze the data after we’ve finished collecting, sorting, transcribing, and coding it.  We’ve set up a video conference with our PIs (who are in Spain) later today, which will be very helpful because we’ll finally get to talk in a more accessible format than email.

We’re gearing up for the end, which is conflicting all around.  For me, at least, this project has been eye-opening in so many ways: the sheer amount of work it takes to research a topic, the hours involved, the different areas of expertise, the problems that arise and the creativity needed to solve them…I know have a deeper and greater appreciation for my field, and those I work with and aspire to be like.


My name is Kelly, and I am a junior majoring in Romance Languages and Literatures and Cognitive Science (language and cognition). In addition to English, I speak Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese with varying levels of proficiency. I currently work in Dr. Julie Boland’s Psycholinguistics lab as a research assistant, and I am working with Dr. Lorenzo García-Amaya on his 2017 MCubed project. My academic interests include bilingualism and foreign language acquisition.

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