Finding My Groove #1

The main reason why I chose my internship is because I wanted to learn how local politics works. In political science, we often focus on bigger concepts, instead of local communities. It can make it easy to forget that local policies are the stepping stones to our national democracy.

Now, over a month into my internship working for the founder of Civicize.Me, SMG Strategies, and VoteRunLead, I can definitely say that I have accomplished my goal. Although my work for each organization is different, all three have provided “chapters” to the same lesson.

VoteRunLead, for example, reconnected me with my drive to empower the women of Michigan. Attending the events and meeting all of the women who are gearing to run for office has inspired me to keep working towards my career goals… And they might have even inspired my to consider running myself one day!

SMG Strategies and Civicize.Me on the other hand, have taught me about the passion of local activists, politicians, and ordinary citizens. I used to think that many people are apathetic about politics, but after meeting all of the people that I have, I can admit that I was wrong. Whether it’s about school policies, healthcare, or roads, there are many engaged citizens that like me, care about Michigan and more specifically, their local communities.

So far my internship has taught me a lot about the local communities of Michigan, and my place within them. I’m definitely looking forward to learning more during this experience!

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