Informational Interview #2

One of the things I have been very lucky to be exposed to throughout my internship is powerful female attorneys and judges. Furthermore, my boss has made an effort to introduce me to these women in order to help me grasp what it means to be a woman in the law. This is how I came in contact with an attorney who practices family law.

My time with her was very enlightening because she was the embodiment of what I believe a lawyer should be. She started her own practice with all females because she believed that general practice was too taxing and prevented her from gaining expertise in one field. This is something that will help me in the future because I know to look for a firm that will allow me to specialize in a certain field of law. Also, she was tired of being at the bottom of the totem poll, and so she seized an opportunity to start her own firm and has been extremely successful since. This affirmed my belief that taking calculated risks is okay and can turn out well.

I admired how she tailored her practice to simplify the divorce process for her clients, most of whom are going through life-altering experiences. She put her clients first, respects her coworkers and shows that through referrals and not taking other lawyers’ work, and is extremely respected and efficient.

This honest, upfront care for clients and her desire to do everything as well as she can are behaviors I hope to have when I am a lawyer and simply in my day-to-day life. I learned how to be professional and successful while still doing what I want from this attorney, and this is something I can apply to my internship and future pursuits.

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