Informational Interview One: Blog #4

*For the purpose of this blog, I will refer to the subject of my informational interview by their initials-B.J.

Entering my first informational interview, I was experiencing a mixture of emotions. On one hand, I was excited, as I was getting the opportunity to speak with and interview BJ- someone who had reached the pinnacle of the politics world. But conversely, I was also extremely nervous, as I didn’t want to waste BJ’s time, or ask any dumb or obvious questions.

My fears were quickly quelled however, as it quickly became apparent during the interview that BJ, despite his success, was still very down to earth, and desired to help me in any way he could. One reason that I think BJ and I especially connected was because he was the same situation 40 years ago that I am currently in. As BJ explained, he had a definite interest in politics coming out of college, but wasn’t sure how to turn that interest into a career. This was very interesting and actually re-assuring for me to hear, as I have that same thought often. After explaining my situation, I asked BJ for his advice on how to proceed, how he was able to turn his political interest into a successful career.

In answering my question, BJ gave me two main points to focus on, and those are the two primary things which I took away from the informational interview.  The first piece of advice that BJ gave me was to excel at the task or job you have been given, no matter what that task is. BJ continued that too often he sees talented people squander their abilities because they don’t want to invest in their current task or job position. As BJ explained, excellence is universal, and the only way you can develop the habit of excellence is to strive for it everyday, no matter if you like or enjoy the task. The second piece of advice given to me by BJ was to think one move at a time. Too often, BJ said, we try to plan out our lives and careers years in advance. BJ continued to say that the danger of this is that if you only focus on the long term, you can sometimes miss out of short term opportunities which would have helped your long term future.

I think that both of these pieces of advice can be applicable to my current internship, as even though I don’t want to make a career out of selling cars, I still need to strive to be excellent at it.

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