Making Difficult Things Easy: Logging Contacts | #3

It’s incredible how technology can save time and even eliminate the need to do some tedious tasks. During my summer internship last year, I automated one of my tasks by programming a web crawler to transfer data from a web page to an excel file. As I progressed through that internship, I learned how to capture more sophisticated sets of data spanning multiple web pages. This year, I’m doing similar work at another company, and my webcrawling knowledge has greatly increased my efficiency at logging sales contacts.

Towards the end of my internship, I look forward to calling the contacts I’ve collected. Once we carefully understand any regulations regarding cold calling, we can formulate a plan to begin sales calls.  By transferring contacts I find to an excel document, it’s easier to mark what numbers I call and take notes on each call right on the document. My cold calling skills I developed during my research project last year when I conducted customer discovery interviews with physicians will serve me well.  Cold calling is very unpredictable and is such an important skill that I’m excited to see how I progress through the summer.

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