Mentors and Peers: Blog Post #2

The best part about working in the Martin Lab is the incredible mentors and coworkers I get to spend every day with. The lab is run by Dr. Donna Martin. She keeps everyone focused and stays updated on everyone in the lab’s progress, even though we are all working on a variety of projects. Dr. Martin is encouraging and efficient and a great person to have as a PI. There is also our lab manager, Jennifer. Jennifer is the glue that keeps the lab together; she juggles overall lab maintenance while training new lab members and carrying out her own experiments.

My mentor on the project I am currently working on is an MSTP student named Ethan Sperry. I have been working with Ethan since I joined the lab in October 2015, and I would consider him one of the greatest teachers I have ever learned from. Other lab members include Hui, Gilson, Sophie, Fang, Vinodh, and Megan. They are all incredibly hardworking and integral to the welcoming work environment in the lab. 

Ronus H.

Incoming senior in LSA studying BCN!

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