My Michigan Identity | Blog #3

I have heard it over and over again that the Michigan alumni network is extremely large and that fellow wolverines will go out of their way to help you. While I recognized that this network was large, I did not fully understand the extent and power of alumni connections. The office that I work in is relatively small (around 20 employees) and I happen to be one of four people to have attended Michigan. From the start, I was instantly welcomed and felt comfortable in the office. Whether I was talking about Michigan sports, or our favorite places to eat in Ann Arbor, I had a basis for conversation which then developed into later guidance and advise from their end. One of the Michigan alums is only a few years out of school and is someone who I work with every day. I always feel comfortable asking questions and he is always providing me with advise, whether it be small insights in excel or larger picture concepts such as ways to impress higher ups of the company. One of the other Michigan alums has an upper management position, yet has, on multiple occasions, taken me into his office and discussed what he was working on in a way in which I could understand. He has let me sit in on calls, just him and I, and has given me materials such as deal overviews and business articles that he thinks will better my understanding and development. These interactions made me feel proud to attend U of M and allowed me to realize how lucky I am to attend such a prestigious University.

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  • July 19, 2017 at 8:36 pm

    Jacob, it’s great to hear that you have been able to connect and receive mentorship from numerous Michigan alumni. I hope these experiences also motivate you to pay it forward to future Wolverines!


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