Obstacles| #5

This past week I was tasked with a new project, which I was really happy about because it was something very different than what I have done in the past. This project had me calling various venues around the country to find out about their own ticket pricing and suites for different events. I was essentially a spy, so my team could compile the data that I collected and base their pricing off their competitors. After finishing half the venues on my list, however, I realized that I had given some the email that is connected to my LinkedIn. This may not seem like a substantial issue, but If these companies looked me up they could see where I was working and give me faulty information. To resolve this issue, I decided that it was important for me to be truthful to my supervisor and tell them the mix up. Although it was very unlikely that they gave me the wrong information I still felt that it was important to re-do my work to ensure that it was the best that it could have possibly been. Even though this brought more work it taught me to take value in my work and to not take short cuts. One small roadblock was a great way for me to learn from my mistakes.

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