Odd one out #3

I had always thought that I very Asian in a lot of ways, and this seemed to be very prominent when my friends around me were Wester. Recently while working at my company, I have realized that this might now be true at all. I grew up in Spain but my parents have alway used a very strict Asian way of teaching me, therefore I have always put my identity more on the Asian side. Ever since starting my work at my company, which is 100% Chinese people, I have strayed more and more from this identity. They have ways of doing things such as marketing certain information in a way that I don’t think western people would do. This causes a lot of miscommunication and disorganization, but it just seems to be the way it works. On top of this, my coworker always seem to find my Spanish identity, which has never been strong, to be very amusing. They always ask me questions regarding the Spanish culture, the football (soccer) team and the language, which I find it hilarious when they try to pronounce things. This has made me embrace my identity as someone from Spain more than before, but it has also strengthened my identity in the Asian culture since I don’t to always be that one girl from another country.

Furthermore, my identity to them seems to be very different from what I view myself as in the company. I see myself as no more than an intern whose English is the best in the company, but they happen to see me as someone to deal with outside affairs because of my language skills. Ever since then, my role has changed from marketing to a position I cannot really pinpoint (I mainly have to connect with mentors and deal with all affairs involving that).


One thought on “Odd one out #3

  • July 20, 2017 at 2:59 pm

    I am glad that you are embracing parts of your identity that you had thought about less often prior to you internship. Although at times you may feel like an outsider, remember that acquiring a broader range of language and cultural knowledge is harder than it looks.

    Hopefully this experience is highlighting the fact that you can exhibit pride in multiple identities without feeling like you have pick one over the other!


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