Overcoming Obstacles | Blog #5

I am starting week 10 of my 12 week internship, and there have certainly been obstacles I have had to overcome along the way. One of the main problems I faced early on was charging clients. Every time our PR agency sends a package to a blogger or celebrity, we have to charge the appropriate client to pay for the shipping fees. Early on in the internship, I made the mistake of being too impatient. I would create Fedex or UPS labels and charge the correct client, but sometimes issues would come up and we would not be able to send to the original person. However, I would be unable to cancel the label and the charge. This then causes clients to lose money on packages that aren’t actually being sent out. While my boss was able to cancel the charges by calling the mail service, it was very embarrasing! I have learned to be patient and that it is better to be safe than sorry. While  working in PR can sometimes be very hectic and “on the go”, it is still important to take your time and make thorough, careful decisions on behalf of your clients. Everyone will benefit in the long run this way, including the clients and my supervisor directly. It is great to have a lot of responsibility in my internship- but I have to practice using it wisely!

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