The Final Stretch | #4

July 22. That’s when I fly back to America. And today? July 18.

I am hitting the final stretch of my internship and time at Hong Kong, which is freaky. I’ve grown quite accustomed living in Asia… My experiences have been fantastic. I was in Singapore for the first two weeks (which was honestly, SO long ago) in May, and I have been in Hong Kong for almost eight weeks. Where did the time even go? In between, I got to visit Vietnam (mentioned in last blog post) and Japan. Yes! I was actually in Japan a week ago with some of the people in my program. The food there was AWESOME. I got to eat wagyu beef (a kind of Japanese cattle) and got the most FRESH sashimi ever at the Tsukiji Market. Additionally, I also went to hot springs, which was an amazing experience. I liked going into the super hot springs before jumping right into the really cold water. I think I’m just glad I didn’t get sick, lol.

Besides that, I’ve been in Hong Kong spending most of my waking time at work. Work can be pretty hard not in terms of tasks but the cultural barriers. Even though I’m Cantonese, I still have trouble communicating and understanding certain things just because I’m not from here. I don’t always like what I’m doing since it can be quite tedious inputting numbers and researching companies again and again.

Even though it’s fun and different here in Hong Kong, I do miss home in Troy/Ann Arbor. I think the hardest part is knowing that most of my friends are in AA this summer, too. It’s crazy how I’m leaving in 3.5 days, but I know I’ll definitely meet all the people I’ve met here including my fellow interns and the people I’ve met through church. Also the food. How could I not?

But on the serious note, while this summer has been a relatively challenging one, it will definitely be one of the more memorable ones.

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