Value of Diversity | #3

Working at The Orchard hasn’t introduced me to diverse people as much as it has to diverse musical flavors. Going into my internship, I was determined to introduce my new coworkers to my favorite eclectic Hip-Hop and R&B music. Although I’ve done a bit of this with the content acquisition team, the majority of my internship has been about expanding on my own tastes in music.

A sizable chunk of our clients make Hard Rock and Heavy Metal music. We also distribute for a lot of Latin and World artists. Being exposed to these vastly different genres has allowed me to understand how others may approach music in a different way than me.

A few weeks ago, I found myself in a marketing meeting where an account manager was previewing a metal band’s single for the room. My manager and a few of his friends started doing what I came to know as “head-banging,” while screaming in unison with the band’s lead singer. I found my coworkers absurd at the time, and this only persisted when I found out they’d been in a barbershop quarter together in college. Since then, I’ve come to learn that a diverse musical palette is basically a pre-requisite for working at The Orchard.

So many people in the office are passionate about many genres of music, and that passion has really rubbed off on me. I try to listen to a song from every Spotify genre every day now, and I owe it all to the diversity of influences present at The Orchard.

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