Value of Diversity- Blog 3

Working in a very much female dominated industry has opened my eyes to the true capabilities of hard working and driven women. Alice + Olivia is no exception when it comes to a female dominated fashion company as it is led by a female CEO/founder and a female company president. While there are men on other floors of the office, I work on a floor completely full of women. What is most amazing about this feature is that this all women floor is also the sales floor, full of women initiating and completing various sales and business transactions all day. Being among these women has truly shown me that women can be just as powerful as men, especially in business situations. I think it’s easy to see the business world as dominated by men as there are so many male CEOs and company executives in the picture. However, it’s important to see past stereotypical depictions of business settings and realize that in 2017 there are just as many women running companies into success as there are men. Through my internship I have become more confident as a women, seeing through examples that women can successfully dominate the business world as much as men can.

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