#1 | An Introduction

Hello world!

My name is Dan Schorin, I’m a rising junior in the School of Information studying Information Analytics and minoring in business! This summer I am working as a ‘Business Database Programming Intern in Capital Markets’ — a convoluted way to say I work with software in our fraud prevention department. Quicken Loans is a mortgage lending company, but branded as a technology company, and the main branch of 26+ companies operating within the family of companies.  Surrounding Campus Martius park in the heart of Detroit, Quicken Loans (and more specifically, Quicken Loans founder and chairman Dan Gilbert) is oft a polarizing figure surrounding the gentrification and progression of the city of Detroit. I’ll be sure to touch more on this in a future blog post.

While I live and go to school in Ann Arbor, I chose to live in Detroit this summer for a few reasons. Primarily, I’m a huge fan of new experiences. I believe that without change, personal growth stagnates. I’ve lived in Ann Arbor for over a decade, and while I had opportunities to commute, I wanted to meet new people, experience the city, and change up my routine. Luckily, weeks into my internship I’ve accomplished that and more. Additionally, a 5 minute commute to work is quite handy.

This summer, I’m working on a small team called DARPA (a pun on the Defense agency within the US government), where we use emerging technologies to aid fraud prevention efforts. The main focus of our team is a system called GANDALF, which analyzes the mortgages within our system and flags them for potential fraud. My primary project this semester is transitioning GANDALF to a machine learning platform, where it can learn from the previous data and apply that to improve functionality.

From the people that I’ve met, to the experiences I’ve had, on top of having the ability to do what interests me on a daily basis, this experience has been phenomenal. Stay tuned to these posts, I’ll soon be touching on the opportunities and challenges that have been presented to me, the relationship between the company and the city of Detroit, a day in the life, and a final reflection.

Until next time,

Dan ‘Dizzy D’ Schorin

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