Community Outreach | #1


In my first two years of college a good amount of my time has been dedicated to a student organization on campus called Pilot. To put it short, the organization is composed of a dedicated group of students that are working toward empowering minority students within the community and more specifically, helping to give them a voice on this campus. One of the main projects we work on is called the Big House Program. It is a program solely organized and planned by students, in which we bring up high schools students from different underrepresented communities and help expose them to the campus here as well as helping them in their application process.

I’m lucky enough to be spending my summer working for my student organization, with the biggest task being, organizing the first part of the Big House Program we put on. In our first couple meetings, we have begun organizing a detailed 4 day schedule for the upcoming high school kids. We have also begun our outreach to recruit kids for the program, by contacting different high schools from underrepresented communities that we are aware of. We have also composed an application and an acceptance process to narrow down the applicants that we receive to the number we are able to accommodate for the program.

Every time I walk into one of our meetings, I feel very empowered knowing that this group of students sitting here is making an actual difference in our communities. We are having a direct impact on the lives of high school students and hopefully setting them on a successful path for the future. There is much work left to be done, but i’m very excited for the work that we will be able to accomplish.

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