Blog 4: Midpoint Check-in

Goal #1 To implement one more long term strategy for reducing camp’s carbon footprint.

I think this goal still accurately describes my position as the sustainability coordinator. However, I still have not yet implemented a strategy for reducing camp’s carbon footprint for the long-term. I think an easy solution might be making wooden or pvc signs for the outdoor recycling bins instead of the laminated sheets that often need replacing.

Goal #2 To make three connections to U of M alumni in environmental science, ecology, or public health

This goal is still very accurate to my experience. I have already been able to connect with more than three U of M alumni in my fields of interest and have exchanged emails with several. My new goal for the summer is to exchange contact information with four more alumni throughout the summer.

Goal #3 To further develop time management skills and minimize procrastination.

This goal is relevant to my experience and in my life in general. However, I think I have been fairly good about getting tasks done when they need to be done. I could be better about taking initiative with finding new tasks for myself.

My performance assessment:

I think I am doing well with camper engagement. I have found that I am much more comfortable striking up a conversation with campers than I was when I worked on boating staff two years ago. When I have programming, I think I have found a good balance between lecturing/offering information and simply conversing with the campers.

One thought on “Blog 4: Midpoint Check-in

  • July 21, 2017 at 2:00 pm

    I’m glad to hear that you have not only met your goal of connecting to alumni, but that you’re actively thinking about ways to exceed it. Great job!


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