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I met with my mentor who has been of assistance to me during my time in DC. I met him through the Michigan in Washington program and he was a previous graduate of UofM. We met for lunch at Charlie Palmer Steak to discuss what I should do to prepare for getting a job post graduation.

I reached out to my mentor and brought up a previous conversation we had in order to reconnect. He thanked me for keeping in touch and offered a lunch meeting. I have kept in touch with him because he has been a great resource as he is very skilled in DC politics and very well connected. Each time we meet he offers two or three people to put me in contact with to further my connections in DC.

During our meeting, he gave great insight on routes to take in order to get hired in on the Hill. Since 2018 is a big election year, he suggested I work in fundraising first and then shift over to the Hill post elections to avoid the risk of my office losing in an election. I had not previously thought about working in fundraising but now believe it would be a great route to take.

After this talk, he sent my resume to three individuals who work on the Hill or in fundraising to put me in contact with them. I have meetings scheduled with all three in the upcoming weeks.

These connections he is helping me build will help greatly in the next year as I seek a career in DC working on Capitol Hill.

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  • July 27, 2017 at 9:58 pm

    What valuable perspective! First, fundraising and politics are intimately linked. Second, strategically positioning yourself for a position is paramount for a recent college grad!


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