Buenos Aires Blog #4

This past week was more or less uneventful. I am getting used to living in the center of the city and feel increasingly like a local. I even think I am looking more like a local, because people have started coming up to me and asking for directions! Sometimes I know right away where they need to go and can describe it, but sometimes I need to get out my phone for help. Either way I think I am fitting in great to my temporary home. I am exploring more around my house, and have been to a lot of the restaurants and cafes that are close. The owners are even beginning to recognize me. I have having so much fun 🙂

Tonight a few of my American friends and I are going to go out to dinner and then go see the movie “mama se fue de viaje.” I have never been to the movies in a foreign country before and am excited to see how different/similar it is to American movie theaters.

This upcoming week my foundation is on winter break, so I have an entire week to travel. I am going to visit Salta and Humahuaca, both in northern Argentina. Both have spectacular mountain scenery, and I am so excited to hike for a week! I will update on the trip next week.

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