Catholic and/or Christian | #3

Mission of Hope is a nondenominational NGO located in Titanyen, Haiti. While Catholicism falls under the umbrella of Christianity all sects of Christianity focus and present their religion in their own unique ways. Growing up Roman Catholic I had a firm grasp of the “rules” and tradition of Christianity. But I have experienced firsthand how non-denominational Christianity feels Christ.

I am proud to be a Catholic. I think the tradition and pattern that it has instilled in me has given me a unique appreciation for my religion and kept me diligent to invest in my church community. But working with a non-denominational organization has helped me evolve in my faith and contributed to parts of my relationship with Christ that was lacking. Worship is central to how Mission of Hope preaches the gospel and contributes to the attitude of the employees and work environment. Working and living in this environment has started to affect my relationship with God in a very cool way. Because of the way I was raised I have the discipline but now I’m being held accountable to spend more time in the bible and in conversation with God.

I am not just learning about God and Jesus but feel a connection to him and can see him actively playing a part in my every day. This organization has taken my identity in religion- past flatly professing myself as a follower- but evolved me to being someone who chooses every day to live my life for Him.

Choosing every day to live in the word of God has heavily affected how my internship is going. The beginning of my internship was me finding my footing and being driven by pure curiosity. Then when I hit about the 6 week mark I hit my hump. I realized then how little I had been engaging with God. Through taking more time to dedicate in prayer and in the bible, I realized how little I was present mentally and emotionally with the patients. I was doing my job efficiently and producing a very well run clinic, but I was losing the purpose of why I took this internship to begin with. For the people that desperately need the attention. And I was not giving it to them. The way that Mission of Hope incorporates their non-denominational spiritual tools to equip us had an impact on my personal life and my work life. From realizing my lack of presence on the job, I have actively begun engaging and slowing down to appreciate the people and patients I am working with.

As a whole I am seeing my identity in religion evolving deeper. I am coming to realize I am my best self when I practice both non-denominational Christianity and Catholicism together.

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