Establishing a Routine | #3

As I enter the last few weeks of my internship, I feel as though I have fully grasped the tasks that we undergraduate interns perform on a daily basis. For example, the differences between preparing a client’s file for a PCC (probable cause conference) vs. a Collections Show Cause vs. a Violation of Parole hearing are now second nature. Fortunately, due to the diverse cases and clients at the Public Defender’s office, there are rarely dull moments. Even when we are simply mailing bench warrant notifications to clients or closing out the week’s cases on our office’s computer database, I find myself deeply engaged with my work in a way that I have not experienced in most of my previous jobs.

My co-workers and fellow interns also make the job entertaining and engaging. Even though we come from a range of backgrounds (a couple of my fellow interns even aspire to be prosecutors, something that I would never even consider given my experiences here), we find common cause in working towards just outcomes for our clients. While I have less content to include in this post, I am immensely satisfied that my internship has not become mundane or uneventful even after 10+ weeks, and the more time I spend in the office, jail, and courts, the more excited I am about this potential career path.

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