Flow Cytometry: A Biotech Tool for Cellular Research

So far in my summer internship for my research institute, I have learned many techniques that will assist me later in my career. A few techniques I have found myself really becoming great at are: in vitro cell activation, cellular isolation via magnetic separation and a newer skill I have begun to learning, but have much to still learn, flow cytometry.


Flow cytometry is a technique that has really revolutionized medicine and cellular research. Though I am just beginning to learn the theory and use of flow cytometry, I can see the impact that it has in the research community. From counting cells, sorting cells, and viewing expression levels of extracellular and intracellular markers, flow cytometry really is a multitool for cell research and those are just a few topics I have learned about and I am sure the machine can do much more. Hopefully, by the time I am completing my internship, I will have a firm grasp on the theory, use, and applications of this amazing piece of machinery.

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