Mid-Point Check-In

Now that my internship has really gotten going, I would like to take some time to reflect on my experience thus far. My main goal of meeting new people has certainly been met. I have met a lot of great people thus far who have told me many great things and taught me life lessons. Most importantly they have told me that I am meant for this type of industry and that I would be a great asset to Levy in the future. Just as importantly, I have learned so much more about the food industry in such a small amount of time whether that is the stadium club, concessions, or the warehouse. So much more goes into this business than I would have ever thought. My new goal is to take on more big projects and deal with financials. On Mondays the whole office deals with financials and I want to develop a better understanding of these financials so one day I will be able to do it myself. Certainly, I have gotten much much better with excel and this is something I am proud of. I think what I am doing the best is getting along with staff; everyone seems to get along with me fairly well. I only get frustrated when I am unaware of what to do or am getting told to do too many tasks at once. In regards to personal growth, I just want to continue doing what I am doing and control my stress level better during event days. Something I have really enjoyed is working in all branches of the company. I do need to be a bit more social around the corporate employees who come through the office and develop a better relationship with the client, aka the sports teams. Overall, halfway through the internship it is going amazing!

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  • July 21, 2017 at 2:09 pm

    On event days, I can only imagine the numerous moving parts that you and your colleagues have to manage. It really takes a lot of practice to stay focused during those types of situations so feel free to keep trying different things until you find what works best for you. Best of luck with these remaining weeks of your internship!


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