Mid-point Check in | #4

After reaching the mid-point of my internship, I feel as if I have climbed a very steep learning curve for my position. I see an even steeper one ahead of me. In the beginning, I knew that this job was in a specialized field and so I would have to put in a lot of time in learning about it. I have gotten exposure to several different aspects of this role and line of work and it has given me a lot of information to meet my goals and expectations I set up. My goals from before I started working still hold as I am still evaluating the job, industry and company for my fit in it. There is a new goal I have developed through the course of my internship, which is to get more exposure to projects with tools I have not used before. This had been a weakness of mine, where I did tend to work in the comfort zone of things I knew and I was comfortable doing. I did tackle this to an extent by taking on projects with an industry I did not know about or with a model I had never used before.
The strong point of my internship so far has been networking. My company encourages this and hence I have been able to make many connections by having conversations with several people both within and outside my line of work. These connections have helped me get better projects and improve my skills in the past 5 weeks. In the next 5 weeks, I would want to work on improving exposure to business practices other than mine so that I can conclude whether I want to continue this job as a full time hire.

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