Midway Mark | #4

The halfway point of my internship recently just passed, and there is really one way to describe how I feel – surprised. Time is going by extremely quickly and I tend to be losing tracks of the week; however, I am enjoying myself immensely. As I reflect on my initial goals, I find that they do appropriately describe my experience so far, and my goals are slowly being fulfilled. My comprehension of the financial markets has widely expanded. I have a much better understanding of all of the different asset classes, and how they are all used together in order to create an ideal client portfolio. Additionally, trends in the market is one thing that I still need to work on. Picking up on historic trends is something not too difficult, but predictions are harder to make.

Regarding performance, one thing I think I am doing extremely well is asking questions and showing interest. In terms of growth, I think I need to be more efficient in my research assignments. Sometimes I can’t help but get hung up on little things and get frustrated when I can’t find certain information I am seeking. However, I am trying to recuperate and skip the little details and come back to them rather than get hung up and delay work getting done. I am working on this process and have found it helpful so far.

Overall, my internship experience has exceeded my expectations and I value the opportunity tremendously.

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