Overcoming Obstacles #5

Being that my internship is nearing the end, there have definitely been a few instances in which I have needed assistance, or have faced a seemingly difficult challenge in which I was required to figure out a solution. From a PR standpoint, media lists are something that we create on a daily basis in order to specify which individuals and outlets we are going to send our pitches to. In order to create these lists and have access to certain individual’s contact information we utilize a database called Cision. In the beginning of my internship, my supervisor explained to me how difficult it can be to navigate through this specific database and how she has not even become one hundred percent familiar with how to use the site. With that in mind, I was more scared than ever to receive my first assignment: Create media list using Cision. These words to me seemed frightening as I am not tech savvy to begin with. I knew Cision was going to be a real struggle for me. Sure enough it was my time to create a media list and navigate the database. In doing so, I took deep breaths and told myself, “I can do this”. I started by pulling contacts and the first few steps seemed to be going pretty well. “So far so good,” I kept repeating. In my final attempt to complete the list, I decided to categorize the list of 300 contacts in alphabetical order… As soon as I alphabetized the first row, my entire excel sheet became deranged. What I didn’t realize was you are not supposed to alphabetize the list because then the entire row would not correspond to the outlet anymore. I began heavy breathing and sweating as I had realized I faced my first obstacle. The excel sheet was due at 3:00 pm and it was already 2:00 pm. What I thought I had been doing correctly the entire time, I now needed to re-do in just a short time of one hour. Without mentioning anything to my supervisor just yet, I decided to quickly relax and figure out a way to re-do the excel sheet, while still being able to hand it in on time. I bit the bullet, opened up excel and started navigating through Cision, yet again. This time it did not take as long because I was more familiar with how to use the database. I successfully created the list and finished before 3:00! Without mentioning it, I emailed the spreadsheet to my supervisor in which she commented how well I did on my first media list! I was extremely relieved by the end, even though the process was definitely stressful, to say the least. My first night mare media list assignment ended up working out for the best. Despite all of the anxiety I had faced throughout, I was able to learn a lot from this situation and definitely became more familiar with Cision and how to successfully create a media list. I survived my first obstacle of my internship! Im sure there will be more throughout my work experience, but now I know to relax, take deep breaths and realize everything is going to be JUST FINE!


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