Summer 2017 | #5

I’ve already made it home for the remainder of the summer but as I lounge about looking back at the past two months of my internship, I am extremely proud of how much experience I have earned. When they promised an internship of a lifetime in the beginning I was surely skeptical. But they sure delivered. None of what I have been through would have been possible if I had not worked for the public defenders’ office. From encountering clients face to face and running into multiple challenges it has certainly taught me the various facets of human interaction in a professional setting. My advice for future interns at the public defenders’ office would be to stay active, to ask for more assignments, and never to be doing nothing. There are always things to do whether it may be urgent or not. If you have some extra time, pull out a case file and read the police report. Browse the files in the common drive and look at the investigative memos. Print out the intern guide and read the common terms and memorize them. Talk to other interns who may be in law school to ask about LSATs and prepping for the exam. Strike up a conversation with another attorney to learn more about them. Follow a colleague to jail or interviews. There’s a lot happening at the office whether you may be bored or not. Part of the internship is learning from what you are provided with but a lot of it is you going out of your way to find opportunities to stay involved.

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