Teamwork/Radio show | Blog Post #3

We had been realizing that facilitating the whole launch of a magazine was a little too much for one person, so we recently hired a new intern to collaborate with me to get this magazine poppin’. Somewhat surprisingly, we have not had any power struggle at all as well as not having any disagreement on our vision for the magazine. I was a little nervous at first that since I have such a strong vision for it, we would butt heads a little trying to be get both of our voices in the mag, but I think that we are working extremely well together. Of course I have had to sacrifice a few little things that I had in mind, but I have been cool with that because I’ve stepped back and realized that her ideas were better than the ones that she will be replacing. I think that working so closely on such a big project is definitely going to be an extremely valuable experience.

In addition to getting a partner to work with, I have also recently started to run my own radio show. This has been a really fun experience so far, but it was definitely nerve wracking at first. Planning the show out was really fun, because I got to choose the content, so I was just researching stuff that was interesting to me. When the microphone turned on, my heart was pounding pretty fast, but as I went through the first show, I could feel myself becoming more comfortable. The first show is definitely something that I’m proud of, and the second one was even better!

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