The beginning of the end

As the last couple weeks of my internship are wrapping up, this calls for a little bit of reflection.

This internship was most definitely not what I was expecting at all coming into the summer but I don’t know if I would change anything. I had coffee with my boss today, talking over the summer and my experience as his only intern. It has been a mixed bag for sure.

I loved the space that I have worked in, venture capital and intellectual property law are two fascinating areas and definitely a place I can see myself being in the future. That being said, these fields, venture, in particular, are extremely different than anything I’ve worked on previously. As a Computer Science major, I’m used to strict deadlines, direct answers to my questions (most of the time), and a sense of structure in my work.

This internship was most definitely not that.

My project was extremely vague to begin with and I had to essentially shape my own path. Carve my own future and the deliverables I wanted to achieve as an intern.

While this was difficult to wrap my head around at first, learning how to make deliverables for myself in a space that is not very clear has been an amazing learning experience for myself.

I’ve had to adapt to a working environment that I haven’t ever been in before, work with people much, much, much smarter than I am, and simply just figure out a path that wasn’t extremely clear for me.

That’s my T-minus 2 week check-in, let’s see where I end up in two weeks.


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