Time Well Spent (Blog #3)

Time has the unnatural ability to flit by without a sound. The present becomes the distant past so easily, leaving you lost and confused. As I finished the fifth week of my internship, I couldn’t help but wonder at the suddenness. It feels crucial, then, to reflect on how I reached the halfway point of my California journey and what I still want to accomplish.

One of the most interesting things that I have discovered during this internship is that working for a non-profit is a constant test of flexibility. Every employee is expected to learn and develop as new challenges appear. Sometimes tasks that are assigned in the morning can be put aside temporarily to focus on something more important in the moment. However, it was also never a capricious decision. My supervisor always explained the reasoning behind the changes. Even that small gesture imbued every task with extra importance. Sometimes, it would be as simple as an email that needed to be sent out to certain staff members. But that email ensured that the staff would be properly trained and be able to serve all our clients effectively and efficiently. It was always important work though it doesn’t always feel that way.

Perhaps the workplace and my previous experiences contributed to this. For the past five weeks, I have worked at the administration office of LifeMoves. It is an innocuous place filled with the usual rows of cubicles, chattering break room, and conference rooms that are always occupied when you need them. It all felt remarkably familiar to the offices I’ve frequented before. I should add here that this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It is, after all, the people here at LifeMoves that makes it such a great organization. The spaces shouldn’t matter as long as you still remember the mission at the heart of the office. Even the CEO of the company is vulnerable to the distancing effect. As he explained to all the interns, he tries to put aside half a day every week to do his work at one of the sites outside of the office. There, he can talk to the case managers who handle the day-to-day operations. It is an experience that I want to imitate by spending more time outside of the Administration office.

Tomorrow will be just another day at the office. I could let it pass with a blur of miscellaneous tasks. There is only a month left. Yet, I feel there is so much left to do. I want to talk to more of the employees that work here in various departments as well as members of the Executive Board, who have graciously offered to answer my questions. Working at LifeMoves has been endlessly intriguing to me because of how my experience has defied my expectations at every turn from the appearance of the office to how all the departments work together. Time will continue to pass, but I intend to keep pace.

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