Week 1 DCBRP

A Letter to Myself:

Hello Micah,

I bet it feels good to be ‘home’ for the summer. I bet it also feels like you know Detroit and all its ins and outs. The reality is you don’t. This will be an exciting and learning experience for you as you will grow professionally and personally. Come into this program and your job with an open mind, eager to learn, while using your lived experiences as a contribution to the work you seek to do this summer. Remember that the work you do should not be egotistical but selfless in nature. DCBRP is a community based program–emphasis on community. Keep the community and social justice at the forefront of your work.

This 9-5 lifestyle, working on a energy efficient project will be challenging and unfamiliar for you. It will push you out of your comfort zone and make you think critically than ever before. However, do not be discouraged by the work, the jargon, or the environment. Utilize the skills you gained from prior research experiences, the lessons you learned from your extracurricular work, and the experiences you have from being a native Detroiter. Micah, it’ll all be worth while. You’ll gain so many skills that’ll be applicable to your future endeavors and you’ll finally have conducted research in the city that you were born and raised.

Detroit means a lot to you. At a time in your life, you would say Detroit was the city of hustlers. At another time, you would say residents in Detroit never give up. Now, you perceive Detroit as a “Bounce Back” city, as Detroit’s finest rapper Big Sean would say in his hit song Bounce Back. You believe in Detroit and always have. Now, it’s time to take that support and admiration for the city and charge it to the work you will do and the people who’ll do it for.

Take Care Micah,


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