What I do as an Intern? #1

I began my internship in the beginning of May as an intern for the Office of Academic and Multicultural Initiatives here at the University of Michigan. My work over the summer has been to plan and develop a week long outreach program for inner-city high school students around Michigan and Chicago. The overall purpose of the program is to aid students with their exploration and completion of the college application process and to create a network of students with similar stories and backgrounds and with members of the Michigan Community.

Despite the program being just a week long, the logistics for the program take months to plan, hence why we start so early. For the program to be successful, we need to create a schedule that implements the purpose of the program, accommodate housing for students on campus, reserve rooms for the scheduled events, have food ready for the students, and this list could go on and on. Not only must we secure that but we must also find funding for the program. Thank you to the partnership with offices on campus, that has been a possibility and the program has been a success for several years now.

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