An Introduction #1

As a psychology major who hopes to go into the social work profession someday, I have had a lot of experience working with people, specifically young ones. Since most of my previous work experience includes working with kids, I naturally gravitate towards jobs and internships in which I could continue doing this. So, when I found that I could do an internship as a summer associate through Community Action Network, I was pretty happy. It is very similar to work I have done previously, so I thought it would be a natural fit for me.

So far, I am really enjoying what I’ve been doing. I work at a summer “camp”, where I and my three coworkers teach and play with kids each day. While it has allowed me to utilize many of the skills I developed in previous jobs, I have also had to step up and learn new skills as a part of this internship. Some of what I do during a typical day includes working one-on-one with campers on math and reading, helping campers maintain acceptable behavior (they should act like they do at school), and teaching lessons to a large group. When I say large group, I mean roughly 8 children. We have a small group of kids, which is different from what I’m used to. But, it’s shown me how being around a small group of kids for so many hours each day allows you to really work with them on their behavior issues and personal problems, which is definitely not the case in a group of 20-30 kids.

I have also enjoyed working with a small group of coworkers, and the fact that we are all about the same age has made the environment more relaxed than it would feel with an older adult there supervising us. However, it has definitely not kept us from meeting the high expectations that we set for each other as summer associates and what our site director expects of us as well.

I look forward to reflecting more on my internship experience, and my own feelings about all that I see and do, as I continue writing these blog posts.

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